Our most frequently asked questions.


Q1: What is ecommerce? 

Ecommerce dropshipping (i.e. selling products online without inventory) is a very simple concept. More people are shopping online than ever before in history. The opportunity for you to create your own ecom brand and success is very exciting.


Q2: Why buy a Shopify store?


Consider buying full ownership of a Shopify store, with the goal of helping you avoid time-consuming mistakes. Branding, content, integration, logistics, marketing, network, ownership, products, suppliers, theme, and upgrades are already setup. Our mission is to guide you to your first sale as fast as possible, then help you scale further. Results vary but we give you our best effort.

Q3: Any age requirements?

 You must be of acceptable age (i.e. 18+) to become a registered Shopify store owner, according to the hosting platforms we use. Our only exception is if you get permission from a guardian who’s 18+. Contact us if you're unsure and we'll get you setup.

 Q4: Any country restrictions?


 We have clients from all over the world. Unlike normal businesses, you don’t need a lot of preparation. All you really need to get started with ecom is a mobile device with Internet access: laptops, phones, tablets, etc. Everything is managed online.


Q5: Any experience needed?


Previous ecom experience can certainly help but we don't believe it's necessary. Clients are expected to work hard because building any successful business requires lots of "learning by doing". We'll be guiding you step by step and providing value.


Q6: How do I fulfill orders?


In most Shopify stores we build, you don’t hold inventory, helping to keep costs low. Customer pays you first via your store, then you order the product from the supplier at a profit, and they ship it directly to the customer. You may order samples.

Q7: What products will I sell?


To the best of our ability, we’ll select suitable products (i.e. suppliers included) for your Shopify store, based on what you’re passionate about. 

Q8: Are suppliers included?


The supply chain is a key component of any Shopify store so it’s important to ensure customer satisfaction. We do our best to set you up with efficient, inexpensive, and reviewed suppliers who meet our criteria. It's important to choose carefully.

Q9: Do you help with marketing?


Our focus is on zero cost marketing on various important platforms to get organic ecom traffic: Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok, Snapchat, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, email marketing, and more. Paid ads are only used when you grow bigger.

We also do include a full marketing guide to show you how to run profitable marketing campaigns. 


Q10: Store design?

Our goal is to deliver a branded, clean, and responsive Shopify store design. Comes with a premium theme, have necessary navigational elements setup, utilize beautiful content, and more. Custom code will be integrated where we deem fit.


Q11: Daily time commitment?

At the beginning, you should dedicate as much time as possible towards your Shopify store. We'll teach you simple daily routines to manage all operations. Your time commitment usually decreases after becoming more automated and outsourced.

Q12: Monthly maintenance fees?


All our ecom packages are one time fees. No upsells. Nothing. However, prepare at least $50 monthly to cover: domain registration, hosting, etc. We focus on zero cost marketing strategies at the start, until you grow big enough for paid ads.

Q13: Will I earn money?

We strive to provide value for clients. Income representations are non-typical examples of your potential. Results vary based on factors like your daily time commitment so we don’t guarantee that you’ll earn money. All sales are final because digital products aren't retrievable after delivery. You’re responsible for due diligence.

Q14: Why build stores?


If you were passionate about making coffee, wouldn’t you want to start as many coffee shops as possible?Upgradedecom  is simply another store in our growing portfolio. We believe that the prices we charge are fair for the value provided.


Q15: Which package should I buy?

We recommend our most popular "1 SHOPIFY STORE" full package that includes: 1 Shopify store, access to our private facebook group for guidance, branding, content, course, exchange, integration, logistics, marketing, mastermind, network, ownership, products, suppliers, theme, upgrades, and more.



Q16: Typical delivery timeframe?

We want to place a heavy emphasis on quality. The typical timeframe to receive your store is currently around 2 weeks. While you wait, you can go through the included course. This helps you understand the ecom world better.

Q17: Ownership transfer process?

We’re building your store with several ecom hosting platforms that we trust. Kindly wait for the first email with delivery instructions from us. This will let you login to your store and full ownership will be transferred to you via a second email.

Q18: Any additional setup needed?

There are some administrative aspects of the Shopify store requiring your input, that we aren't authorized to access. We’ll help as much as possible: connecting social media platforms, filling contact information, etc.

Q19: Can I customize the store?

As the owner of the Shopify store, you have the freedom to change anything you want. Think of the store we've built for you as a blank canvas. You decide how to truly make your unique masterpiece special and tailor it to match your tastes.

Q20: Profit sharing?


You’re entitled to all the profits from the store, as we don't believe in profit sharing. Full disclosure. We get a monthly affiliate commission from the ecom hosting platform, for the small maintenance fees you pay (i.e. discussed above).


Q21: How does the support work?

You’ll have direct access to a line of private communication with us, so that ask us as many ecom-related questions as you want. We’ll respond to every question and provide as much guidance as we deem possible.


Q22: Are upgrades provided for free?


When we deem necessary, we’ll go into your Shopify store to provide upgrades at no cost. We received lots of valid feedback when we first launched and increased client satisfaction by implementing free upgrades. We’ll continue doing this over time.

 Q23: What's the exchange policy?


We'll listen to your feedback and make necessary adjustments until you're satisfied. If you want, you can also request a change of product category anytime you wish. We'll deliver a brand new Shopify store to you for free, no questions asked.

Q24: What's your refund policy?


All sales are final. We make this clear before purchase. Digital products aren't retrievable after delivery. Once we release digital products (course, store, etc.) to clients, there's no way to guarantee that we'll get it back, without copies being made.