Common Mistakes


Quite a lot of ecommerce online business websites, without the proper guidance, fail due to a variety of common mistakes made by entrepreneurs from across the world. It’s normal to make mistakes but you should always learn from them to make actual progress. If you’re unwilling to set aside your ego and seek proper guidance, then you may find it near impossible to really take your online business to the next level. We genuinely want everyone to do well and after having been in the online business game for these past few years - we’ve put together some of the most common online business mistakes you must avoid.



It’s common to see people trying to do everything themselves, when setting up their website and thereafter maintaining it. The problem with this is, this can take hundreds if not thousands of hours. That’s quite a lot of time. You might spend all that time and end up with a website with no sales, because you just haven’t found the working formula. Why go through the hardships when you can seek advice from someone who already has experience? They’ll do their best to guide you and make sure the process of setting up a website is as smooth as can be.



Many beginner website owners fail to do product research - selling products that they like but not necessarily what the everyday consumer would buy. When we research products, we want to have the best of both worlds - choosing winning products that both you and the customer can find a lot of value in. This can oftentimes be difficult, knowing what people would actually buy. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to avoid trending products (e.g. fidget spinners) as they’re not sustainable long term and can die off on very short notice. It’s best to seek the advice of someone who runs successful websites and see what they’re currently selling.



Suppliers are a vital component of your online business and must be taken seriously. If you get this wrong, you’ll probably end up with negative customer feedback which can lead to all sorts of problems. The issue here is that truly reputable suppliers are hard to come by, as everyone’s end goal is the profit margin. One of the best ways to source solid suppliers, is through referral. Talk to someone who has a great relationship with a supplier in the niche you’re wanting to sell products in and consider using their suppliers.



Your website is the first thing that customers see, when they make the decision to visit your brand (i.e. not considering social media channels). First impressions are really important. Would you make a purchase from a website with a sketchy aesthetic? Most likely not. The problem is that it can be a hassle to code, configure, and design a functional website built for conversion. Your best bet here is to outsource the work and focus on brand building.



You can have the best products in the world but without any marketing - you probably won't be getting any sales. This is likely the biggest difficulty that website owners face. They spend so much time trying to setup a properly working website and when they don’t get any traffic - giving up seems like the only option. Unfortunately, that’s what most people end up doing. Thankfully you’re reading this and we’re here to reignite your motivation. There’s literally so many marketing strategies you can use which are effective even in the present day: Instagram ads, Facebook ads, Google ads, email marketing, guerilla marketing, and so many more sources. If you seek proper help and really master the art of marketing, your website can perform much better. Marketing isn’t usually the problem. Lack of motivation to seek help is probably the case. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.



There are some people on this planet that have gone through what you’re going through (i.e. trying to start an online business) and succeeded massively. If you seek the advice of those willing to help, you can greatly reduce the number of potential mistakes. They’ll help you find suitable products, solid suppliers, converting website design, proper marketing, and continue to guide your journey as much as possible. This is what we offer at HERE and are extremely proud of. We’ve been able to help entrepreneurs from all over the world kickstart their online business journey.